2011-9-18-10-of-31 Our Red Wattle Pork is a rare heritage breed whose marbled meat is prized for its juicy tenderness and has won many awards for its flavor.  All of our pigs are raised on pasture where they can use their God given ability to forage for roots, grasses, bugs and worms.  We supplement this with GMO free grain and do not use any antibiotics or hormones to promote growth.

For more information on Red Wattle pork visit http://www.albc-usa.org/cpl/redwattle.html

Pork can be purchased by  1/2, whole, or individual cuts.

$2 per pound hanging weight plus processing (USDA Certified)

Individual cuts:

Breakfast sausage -$6 per pound

Bulk Sausage Bratwurst seasoning – $6 per pound

Breakfast sausage links – $7.50 per pound

Unseasoned sausage – $6 per pound

Bacon all natural – $9 per pound

Canadian bacon – $9 per pound

Ham roast all natural – $7 per pound

Pork Chops – $8 per pound

Pork Chops boneless – $10.50 per pound

Pork Tenderloin – $12 per pound

Pork Steak- $6 per pound

Spare Ribs – $5 per pound

Baby back ribs – $5 per pound

Bratwurst- $7.50 per lb


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