two conversant hens on the farmFarm Fresh Brown Eggs

His Acres chickens are raised on pasture and are moved to a new location each day, resulting in a clean environment with a fresh supply of grass and bugs. This creates an egg of superior taste and quality.  During the winter season the chickens are kept in a large room  with access to an outside pen.  They are fed high quality alfalfa hay, which maintains the dark yellow color in the yolks, and GMO free grain.

Eggs are sold for $3.50 per dozen. To place an order, just e-mail or call 260-227-3793.


Milking Process

Farm Fresh Milk

His Acres milks Jersey cows.  Jerseys are known for their high butterfat milk and ability to convert grass to milk. In order to legally obtain raw milk in Michigan, you may purchase a share of a cow. Each share, entitles you to one gallon of milk per week.

One Share is $50.  Room and board is $6 per week for the first share. $4 for the second and $3 for any additional shares.  To purchase a milk share or if you have additional questions, e-mail or call 260-227-3793.

His Acres farm fresh milk can be picked up locally in Bronson or in Coldwater at Pure Earth in Coldwater at 34 E Chicago Street. (


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